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1.  WHO + WHAT + WHY + HOW = SUCCESS = 100%

2.  WHO + WHAT + WHY = CLARITY = 75%

3.  CLARITY + HOW = SUCCESS = 100%

Knowing your TRIPLE W’s (Who, What, Why) positions you to set your career, relationship, business, and lifestyle goals, and achieve them! People desire change for different reasons.

What is your WHY?  

Top 8 reasons people desire change  

  • I want to make a difference

  • I want to spend more time with my family

  • I want financial freedom

  • I no longer enjoy my current work

  • I no longer feel appreciated

  • I no longer feel challenged

  • My current work is too stressful

  • I am underpaid

Focus on your own reason or reasons as they will become YOUR MOTIVATION TO COMMIT to make the change happen. Remember, it’s a personal journey, and you need to be true to yourself to achieve your desired results.

Why you need clarity

Having clarity gives a measure of confidence, tenacity, determination, and the ability to keep believing in yourself even when everyone else thinks you are crazy. Lack of clarity brings self-doubt and makes it difficult to focus. Doubt breeds fear and indecisiveness, which prevent you from making progress and set you up for failure.


When you encounter someone who has clarity of purpose, you can tell by how they approach everything they do. Don't stay stuck on trying to live out someone else’s dream instead of yours. Go against the grain! Sometimes that is all you need to reach your full potential. Other people may not get it! What matters is that YOU do get it! No matter how many BLUEPRINTS someone else gives you, you will not feel fulfilled unless it is your own dream.

AND what if your initial move does not work out? GREAT! IT IS PART OF THE GROWTH PROCESS!

If you have CLARITY, you will focus on THE LESSONS TO BE LEARNED and move on.

HEY, what if not making a move robs you of a LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY?  


It just might be a new season in your life, and when a season has run its course, resisting change can lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. A lot has changed since the pandemic. For many, this has been a time of reflection and reevaluation of what really matters and how they want to live their lives from now on. It is not always about money. For some, all they want is to find joy and fulfillment in whatever they choose to do. 

Ready to create your unique BLUEPRINT on your own terms? 

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Have fun getting to know yourself a little better!

You'll be amazed at how much more there is to discover about yourself! 

Don't forget to reach out with questions or if you need help figuring out your next act! 

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