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  • Writer's pictureDr. Onyeka Abengowe DHA,MBA,CNMT,LGBH,CTC,CBN

Make time for self love and motivation

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

It's time for self love! With all we've been through in 2020, it's time to take stock, recharge and redirect our time and energy to the things that build us up and remind us why we're still here despite all odds.

I love the image I've chosen for this blog post. My imagination is she's away on some private island, enjoying total peace and quiet, with a personal chef, massage therapist and fitness trainer. This sets up a great environment for self reflection and relaxation! But wait, that's probably not likely, not in this era! For now, I'm going to create my own dream experience with the help of a local massage therapist in my area.

Do some self reflection

Self-reflection and truth-telling are part of self-love. Making positive change always starts inward. You can't get anywhere until you've genuinely reflected on your life and practices to identify what propels you to be your best self as well as what deters you from being your best self. Knowing these helps you determine what needs to be changed and what needs to be amplified.

What better way to get ready to conquer in 2021 than to look inward for some self motivation!

Look outward for guidance and inspiration

Hopefully you have one or two people you can look to for guidance and inspiration. These should be people you know genuinely care about you, are experienced in the area you need guidance and will tell you what you NEED to hear. Do not look to people who have no knowledge or experience about your area of need. Definitely do not seek advise from people who will lie to you or tell you what you WANT to hear. Listen, be open and receptive to information provided. Take your time to think things through and again do not resist needed change.

Do something

You don’t have to know it all right away. You don't have to have it all figured out. You don’t have to do it alone either. Team up with trusted friends who can join the challenge and make it a fun activity. Whatever you choose to do, keep at it. Consistency and dedication are key, it gets better with time.

Sometimes it's difficult to let go of old predictable ways. It’s just so much easier to stay in your comfort zone. Unless you hit the jack pot by finding yourself in that perfect, flawless comfort zone that produces results year in year out. Otherwise, there's need to change things up from time to time, including stepping outside your comfort zone.

Many times, taking that leap of faith is essential to getting to the next level. You have to get the old out to make room for the new. Are you ready?

What will you be changing? We want to know!


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